Baustralia declares war on Eureka

Baustralia declares war on Eureka after taking highest military NCO and nobleman, the Duke of Tremur. Outrage from the crown causes planning of a full scale military operation.

On the third of June, King John I had wrote a peace treaty for him and Eureka as part of a plan to suprise the King of Eureka, Joshua I. In exchange for a military allience and a bag of Jolly Rancher hard candies, John requested a rank in his navy of Joshua's choosing. When the King of Eureka was reminded of this, he tried to retreive and destroy the treaty signed by him, John I, and the Baustralian Chief of the Defence Staff, General Emily Day.

What sparked the conflict was not the destruction of the treaty, but rather, who was chosen to destroy it. The Duke of Tremur, the Baustralian Armed Forces Chief Warrant Officer, approched John asking to read it, and he was the enlisted advisor for the military. He then proceeded to tear it into quarters, then, in accordance with the Citizenship Act, defected from Baustralia. All in the same time, Joshua shouted “This means war!”

John I had requested permission from parliament to declare war on Baustralia, and it was reported that the Member for Holderton West said “Go for it!,” and the Minister for Foreign Affairs: “Send them to hell.”

The crown wishes for no one to panic, and that no harm will be done on Baustralian land.

Floods in New Texas

Hurricanes in the US State of Texas, which is home to the Baustralian province of New Texas, has made the monarcy declare a state of disaster for the province.